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Hats for
'Run for the Cure'

We had so many comments on our hats, they were a definite success. With so many people down there (10,000), it was easy to keep track of our team because we could see the hats bobbing in the crowd! Thanks again, Gabrielle for making those hats for us, they were fantastic!!!
-- Simone Rohla Greig, Wilson & Rasmussen LLP
Health Fair Success
We had 50 families turn out to learn about wellness. Participating vendors included Sullivan Optometry, Southridge Dental and Freedom 55 Financial. It was a fun day complete with some clowning around! Although Dr. Taj was wearing a cloud balloon, he was all smiles doing spinal screenings while Salveen and Kristen were educating about backpack safety. Another special highlight was having Balloonia ( the Clown shower the kids with artistic balloons and face painting.

- Face Painter